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Production Board

Produced by Tahnee Cadrez & Jonathan Stoller-Schoff

Founding Producers: Manuel Prieto & Patrick Phillips

CTP Board: Jenna Bamberger, Cale Bouchey, Burt Chaikin, Alicia Dewell, Kate Harrow, Kevin Herald, Elizabeth Lee Lobach, Mady Mills, Madison Pollet, & Sarah Schwartz.



Tyler Miclean - Roger

Jonathan von Mering - Mark

JM Sudsina - Collins

Kyle McLaughlin - Benny

Claire Blackwelder - Joanne

Henry Boyd - Angel

Nikki Segal - Mimi

Kimberlee Holland - Maureen

Elizabeth Colwell - Ensemble

Alessandra Gianino - Ensemble

Marlee Learner - Ensemble

Trace Gaynor - Ensemble

Kevin Paley - Ensemble

Steven Rigaux - Ensemble

Carter Shults - Ensemble


Creative Team

Directed by Shaya Mulcahy

Music Direction by Nathan Fertig

Choreography by Kelly Ciurczak

Scenic Design by Kate Harrow

Costume Design by Manuel Prieto

Lighting Design by Will Chandler

Sound Design by Philip G. Allen

Makeup Design by Meagan Smith

Stage Management by Christina Bryan

Technical Direction by Kate Harrow

Assistant Direction by Elizabeth Lee Lobach

Assistant Music Direction by Nathan Heldman

Assistant Scenic Design by Michelle Black

Assistant Technical Direction by Michelle Black

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